Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform designed to make experimenting  with electronics more fun and intuitive.

Arduino has it’s own unique, simplified programming lenguage, and thousands of potential uses, making it the perfect plataform for both begginer and advanced DIY enthusiasts.

In class we worked on three projects:


Making an LED light turn on.


Making two LED´s  blink.


Program a boton so when it is pressed a light turns on.






Benja Party

Benja party is a simple board game that I created as an assignment for Thursday’s class.

This game is very similar to Mario Party in the way that you have to collect a certain amount of points to defeat the boss, also, there is a power-up that costs ten points, this power-up allows you to use a poly sided dice, instead of a regular, six sided one.

Thank you Jon!

I would like to take a moment to thank Jon Liang for the great speech he gave to us during our class in Thursday.

Jon works at Google, he talked about how was working at Google, how it works, and some projects he and other colleagues had worked on.

Stuck On Mars

Stuck on Mars is a simple board game that I created.


The back story of the game is that there are astronauts stranded in the planet Mars, and they have to get rocket fuel to go back to Earth, the problem is that there is only enough fuel for one person.



The rules of this game are that you have to roll the dice and you have to advance the amount of spaces that you role. There are several obstacles that can hold you back from wining.


To win this game you have to be the first player to get to the fuel.