What Would I Like To Be?

In today’s class we were asked what role we would to play  when developing a game. There are five main jobs when designing a video game:

Engineer: Programs and “builds” the game.

Designer: Makes the blueprints for the game.

Producer: Provides and manages funds.

Artist: Works on the graphics/visuals of the game.

Scientist: Is in charge of making research, evaluating, and testing the game.

In class, Miss Sherol explained to us how this team works, first, the designer creates the blueprints, after that is done, the engineer and the artist come along and finish the game, lastly, the scientist tests the game looking for glitches and bugs. After this is done, the team releases a beta version of the game, so players can also test the game and find bugs.

I would like being an engineer and an artist, because this way i could make my own games.


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